Monitek's SOAP....
Testing Specification
Monitek will recommend the appropriate test specification for
the compartment and application.
Monitek's Condition Monitoring Specialist or your site personnel
will take an oil sample from the component.
Using Monitek's repeatable, proven technology the
sample will be analyzed to check for wear particles,
oil contamination, and additives. Each will be
measured and quantified so Monitek can provide an
accurate prediction of the component's life.

Fault Cause and Prevention
Monitek will advise the Client on what may have
caused the fault and how to prevent a future
occurrence. If failure is imminent, Monitek
will advise the optimum oil change interval
to prolong the component's life until it can
be changed out during scheduled maintenance.
Monitek will provide reports through the web based Client Portal in
.pdf format, or through the web based application VCMBreeze™. VCMBreeze™
will display the data utilizing a map interface and facilitates download
of the analysis data into a spreadsheet format for complex manipulation
of the analysis data.

Did you know?

SOAP is suitable for Engines and Clean Oil Systems.

SOAP analysis can detect particles less than 8-10 microns in size.

Monitek and SOAP will extend the life of your machines and their components.