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What makes OMS so different?

OnLine Monitoring Services is a low cost hosting service that will record, store, and interpret critical equipment data.

Monitek installs  Monitek VCMOnline™ data modules & sensors to continuously monitor equipment condition & production parameters such as vibration, oil pressure, oil temperature, discharge pressure, engine speed, etc.

OnLine Monitoring Services provide alarms in a timely manner so personnel untrained in vibration analysis can make informed maintenance decisions.

OnLine Monitoring Services will maintain preset alarm thresholds that will trigger & send e-mail messages when abnormal conditions are developing.

Review real time data 24/7 thru secure web based monitoring tools.

Achieve Maximum Profits with Minimum Investment using Online Monitoring Services

Improve Equipment Reliability through the effective prediction of asset failure.

 Minimize Downtime through the planning & scheduling of repairs. Flexibility - mix & match 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 channel modules as needed to suit your expanding data collection needs. Utilize OMS to maximize asset performance & production

Start with your most critical assets and measure the savings.

 Click here for more information concerning the capabilities and specifications of the VCMOnline™ data module.